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Huge fines deutsche bank business or cut the United States

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
According to German, local media reported deutsche bank is considering shrinkage in the American way of business operations and so on, to further reduce the cost. After the bank had been the us justice department $14 billion for claims, and the securities and exchange commission ( SEC) A $9. 5 million fine.

she will daily ( 《南德意志报》) Said, citing people familiar with the contraction in the United States has inside the bank to discuss business layout, the possibility of a final execution is greater than the sale of the asset management business.

the above, people familiar with the matter said the bank is not to make a decision. Reuters reported earlier, the bank won't consider us business exit in an all-round way.

also mentioned, bloomberg news reported on Sunday, according to people familiar with the bank in the strategic assessment consider contracting business in the United States, has been in talks with U. S. government agencies have presented a consideration.

after into loss last year, this year is matched for deutsche bank. Last month the bank RMBS ( Housing mortgage backed securities) Negotiations with the us department of justice, which approximately $14 billion settlement is put forward. And claim for the justice department didn't negotiated settlement, the bank faced by us regulators fined again.

on Wednesday, the SEC announced that due to encourage its about 50 research analyst and customer communication, failing to protect nonpublic information, improper release of research results, and failure to save and provide specific electronic records to the SEC, the bank agreed to pay a fine of $9. 5 million over the civil prosecution.

this let the bank to further increase cost pressures. Deutsche bank announced that contains 9000 jobs in October last year's restructuring plan, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter said on Friday, German silver CFO of employee representatives said last month that will further cut ten thousand jobs. This means that the bank's global about 1/5 of the employees will be affected.

another media Sunday le monde (according to German 援引德国世界报》) , according to people familiar with the matter, the bank may be forced to cut for the U. S. justice department claim business activity in the United States is controversial. He said that the bank is in assessing its business in the United States, and capital requirements, but in the short term will not make the decision.
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