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Hydrometallurgy extraction of zinc in solid waste recycling

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Tianyi extraction from hydrometallurgy extraction of zinc in solid waste recycling, adopted by the wet process as shown in figure, the technological process and technological conditions are as follows:

leaching, leaching with dilute sulphuric acid as solvent, adopt continuous immersion method, the electrolysis after soaking liquid back into the groove, stay leaching solution of zinc 120 g/L, pH value of 4. 5 - 5. 2 after filtering for zinc ash, after classification, greater than zero. 833 mm thick graded to soak, less than 0. 833 mm zinc ash and after soaking produce fine slag in the agitation leaching, leaching at room temperature for 1 h, when the final acid is 5 g/L, the leaching rate of zinc is 99%.
iron oxide, oxidation with air, zinc oxide and goethite precipitation, process to add a small amount of copper sulfate as catalyst.
extracting the chloride type using tertiary amine extraction agent in addition to the best effect of chlorine, the acid radical anion in the quaternary ammonium salt or ammonium can react with other acid radical anion exchange, anionic radius is larger, the smaller the charge, namely, the lower the degree of hydration, the more conducive to be extracted.
the electrolysis, the purification of zinc sulfate solution, Pb - Ag alloy as anode, pure aluminium rolling plate as cathode, the electric product electric zinc products.
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