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Hydrometallurgy extraction process method for residual oil in addition to water and process - — Extraction of zhengzhou

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
Nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc and rare earth elements, such as scare metal metal elements produced by solvent extraction, extraction of residual oil in water (after Extraction solvent residue) Content is generally more, realize complete separation is difficult, often can not meet the national discharge standards; Recycling, on the other hand, more than extraction phase of organic extracting agent, can decrease the loss of expensive extraction agent, to reduce the cost of production. So, metal extraction enterprises generally need to extract residual oil removal processing phase.

so, extraction phase recovery extraction agent ( Oil phase) What to use methods and equipment?

metal solvent extraction process, the oil phase than in the extraction phase ( Water phase) State is generally include: suspension, dispersion, emulsification and dissolve four types. Zhengzhou extraction for metal extraction process of oily wastewater, according to the specific conditions of the CPC form and content of each form, designed two process:

1, suitable for containing emulsified oil, dispersed oil and suspended oil process, the process in addition to the water will eventually reach the national emission standard:

scheme for coalescence process, through to pharmaceutical demulsification has emulsifying oil and water, after the separation by efficient coalescing separator, the scheme not only oil removal rate reached 100%, also can be turbidity of emulsified oil to achieve clear and transparent, to control the water content of 20 under MMP, meet the requirements of national level 3 emissions.

2, suitable for containing dispersed oil and suspended oil process:

2. Air flotation process, the same process of oil removal rate reached 100%, at the same time, effectively remove suspended oil ( Need to the long time, like weeks, two weeks to the natural separation of oil) , the final effluent oil content can be controlled below the ideal range.

it is worth mentioning that in zhengzhou extraction for rare earth company in guangxi designed more than 50 tonnes per hour of the construction of the extraction liquid oil removal project, adopted the second air floated above solution, successful over the extraction liquid of oil dropped to 30 - 40 PPM, customers' expectations, higher than that of treated wastewater to recycle, the whole production line and efficient environmental protection, stable operation, received by customers praise! More than

extraction and reverse extraction liquid in the removal of organic phase, namely oil removal, the processing plan of its use, according to customer requirements for different oil content and the specific conditions and decide, finally achieve the emission standards prescribed by the state, or back into the water to the standards set by the customer.

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