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Hydrometallurgy method of acid leaching process of smelting non-ferrous metal

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Hydrometallurgy method of acid leaching process of smelting non-ferrous metal
hydrometallurgy including metal leaching, purification and extraction process. The acid leaching process is more effective method.
zhang by acid leaching recovery in slag a factory such as Cu, Ni, Co and so on. Cu, Ni leaching rate above 99%, and has a good effect of leaching. Dai Mou etc from tungsten slag treatment process was optimized by using acid leaching recovery, bear, tungsten, under the condition of 40 ℃, respectively with HCl, 15%) And - H2SO4 ( 30%) Processing of tungsten slag, all got good leaching effect. Dolphins began using the pressure acid leaching method such as recycling of Gu Gu sulphide concentrate and zinc, examines the concentrate particle size, temperature, total pressure and additives ( Sodium lignosulphonate) , liquid-solid ratio, acidity of sulfuric acid, leaching time and so on various factors affect Gu, zinc leaching rate.

wang mou study copper smelting smoke wet processing new technology of recycling the valuable metals, the main steps of test process including neutral leaching, acid leaching, acid leaching liquid tin, sulfide precipitation and precipitation. Acid leaching explore the acidity of sulfuric acid, leaching temperature, liquid-solid ratio and time effect on the leaching rate of copper, zinc, the results showed that the acidity of sulfuric acid is 1 mol/L, leaching temperature is 50 ℃, liquid-solid ratio is 5:1, the leaching time of 2 h under the condition of the leaching rate of copper, zinc and tin 97 respectively. 33%, 79. 36%, 9. 83%. Liang Mou on certain LianXinChang output hard to extract zinc, zinc slag Gu valuable metals such as exploratory experimental study of the technique and technology of the conditions. Use on both ends of the atmospheric oxidation of acid leaching, the leaching of zinc in the I section, Gu in II period of leaching. The leaching rate of zinc 95%, the leaching rate of Gu of up to 91. 56%.
in the aspect of theoretical research, the method of acid leaching is mainly concentrated in the leaching process of thermodynamics and dynamics research. Leaching process are mainly high pressure leaching, fluidization, pipes, leaching, activation, bacterial leaching, etc. In theory, every can to dissolve the marketable components of non-ferrous metal waste and achieve the separation of solvents can be used as leaching agent. In the context of the present study, acid leaching method is more effective method.

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