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Hydrometallurgy of copper solvent extraction technology development prospects

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
At present, the oxidized ore, the ore, copper tailings and waste rock leaching not only unabated, and maintained a growing momentum, the world is now owned by leaching, extraction, the electric product process in copper production capacity of 1 million tons, such as America and Chile, the United States in expanding the production scale, however, hydrometallurgy of copper solvent extraction technology development prospect is urgently needed.
after entering the 1990 s, China began to promote the application of leaching, extraction, electrical technology, according to incomplete survey, there are hundreds of mines, but the production scale is not large, mainly processing oxidized ore, low production cost, economic benefit is very obvious, of 540000 tons of copper, extracting by level 2, level 1 extraction, expected extraction recovery rate is 90%; Electric product recovery is 99. 5%; With an annual output of 2000 t of electrolytic coppers, tons of copper unit cost is 20000 yuan. So whether domestic or foreign hydrometallurgy of copper solvent extraction technology prospects the development prospect is very good.
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