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Hydrometallurgy technology in nickel solution in addition to the application of the hybrid

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Tianyi extraction real � � � department using hydrometallurgy technology to chemical purification preliminary treatment for deep purification of nickel solution, inspected the extracting agent concentration, initial pH value, water phase extraction agent saponification rate, compared, balance time of extraction purification effect. Determines the optimum operating conditions, single stage extraction and under laboratory conditions using simulation experiments validate the multi-stage extraction purification effect. Optimum technological conditions for extraction purification: D2EHPA, concentration ( Volume fraction) D2EHPA saponification rate is 10%, compared to 40%, initial pH value of material liquid to 2. 5, compared with ( O/A) Is 1:1, balance time of 3 min a under the condition of optimum process, the three-stage countercurrent extraction, zinc concentration in the solution can be reduced to zero. 1 mg/L, loaded organic phase by 0. 5 mol/L compared with sulfate ( O/A ) 5:1 after washing, use 2 mol, compared to a few sulfuric acid according to the ( O/A) 5:1 reverse extraction, zinc basic reverse extraction can be completely.
with the development of science and technology, people more and more is also high to the requirement of nickel and the quality of the product, which requires high purity of products to meet the needs of the development of science. Traditional nickel metallurgical methods cannot meet the needs of the people's production and living, so the depth of the nickel removing impurity is of great significance to improve the quality of products, have the effect of promoting the progress of science. Usually also called
solvent extraction liquid liquid extraction, is a kind of from a solution of separation, enrichment, the effective method to extract useful substances, it used the solute in the two phase immiscible liquid between the different allocation to achieve the purpose of separation and enrichment. Available for exploitation of the land of nickel resources in the world, 30% of sulfide ore and 70% of clay mineral. Now 70% of the world's NieDou is extracted from nickel sulfide ore, with high grade, easy mining less nickel sulfide ore, laterite ore resources are on the agenda. In recent years, in the clay mineral hydrometallurgy process in various combinations of solvent extraction has become one of the most striking key technology in the process.

solvent extraction in nickel solution in the application of
nickel solution deep purification process, solvent extraction separation effect is good, high metal recovery, usually under the normal temperature or low temperature, and easy to realize reflux operation and continuous mass production.
xu, etc was studied using N902 extraction separation from the nickel sulfide ore leaching liquid copper, after two stage extraction, the extraction of copper rate averaged $9. The average extraction rate of 0, 65% nickel. Nickel and copper content in more than 44%, the extraction liquid than an average of 380. Reverse extraction with sulfuric acid, copper extraction rate is an average of 99. 54%, reverse extraction effect is good.
be a wait for research in addition to copper, nickel electrolyte with P204 extraction results show that the optimal conditions for: P204 extraction of copper than ( O/A ) 1:2; P204 volume concentration of 15%; Water pH value is 2. 0; The extraction time is 3 min. Under the optimum process conditions, with P204-15% Kerosene solvent extraction experiments on nickel electrolyte level, extract content of copper in 82. 15 mg/L, level of extraction rate reached 81. 33%.
with such as drill BK992 extraction purification copper nickel sulfate solution is studied, the results showed that the extraction of BK992 copper is very fast, with the pH value increases, copper extraction rate increases, but when pH greater than 4. 0, nickel and cobalt loss; Compared to, the greater the extraction separation effect is better; Is bigger also, the influence of BK992 concentration with the increase of concentration of BK992, copper distribution ratio increases. At room temperature BK992 optimum process conditions of extracting copper: BK992 concentrations of 20, compared to the O/A is 1:2, the initial pH of water phase 3. 0, extraction time for 10 min. Under optimized conditions, the level of the liquid in pending extraction rate was 93. 06, 20 % BK992 extraction of copper saturation capacity of 17. 30g/L; Level 1 reverse extraction rate was 91. 79%, copper net transfer quantity is 15. 88mg/L。
a smelter in removing impurity of the nickel solution by P204 extraction, extraction of pH control in 3. 84. 7, P204 extraction in the best results. P204 volume fraction of 5% of P204 level 13 countercurrent extraction technology on the saponification rate was 70%, control the pH of 3 level 13. 8 ~ 4. 1, 7 ~ 12 levels of pH value of 4. 1 ~ 4. 4, 3 ~ 6 levels of pH value of 4. 4 ~ 4. 7, after extraction in the solution of Fe3 +, Zn2 +, Cu2 +, Mn2 + impurity content can be up to standard.
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