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Hydrometallurgy technology in phosphorus ( Phosphine) Acids extraction agent to deal with the separation of cobalt and nickel

by:Deyuan      2020-09-15
Phosphorus ( Phosphine) Acids extraction agent is suitable for the separation of cobalt and nickel sulfate solution, widely used, have been developed to the third generation of products. In the early 1960 s, with 2 ( 2 - Ethyl hexyl) Phosphate ( D2EHPA or P204) , Japan 2 - in the 70 s 2 - ethyl hexyl phosphoric acid Ethyl hexyl ester ( PC - 88 a or HEHEHP, P507) The 80 s, American chemical company ( Now CYTEC company) Synthesis of a new generation of extractant ( 2, 4, 4 - Three methyl amyl) Phosphonic acid ( Cyanex272) Acid decreased in turn, these 3 kinds of extractants of successive enhance its capability of separation of cobalt and nickel. There are 5709 (other F alkyl phosphonic acid ( 1 - Methyl - Heptyl) Ester) , PT5050 and so on.
zhang such as electrochemical dissolution, P204 extraction removing impurity P204 extraction separation process of nickel and cobalt, of cobalt, copper and iron content high alloy scrap piece has carried on the comprehensive recovery, with the high quality of cobalt oxide powder, copper powder, nickel powder, etc. Cows with P204 as extraction agent such as a, non equilibrium solvent extraction from ammonia is used to study the separation of cobalt, nickel sulfate solution, add right amount in the water phase ( NH4) 2 s2o8 or let the material liquid natural oxidation in air, can make the cobalt ( O) Kinetics of oxidized to inert complexes) ) ) Cobalt ( O) Ammonia complex ion. Slower when the extraction rate of cobalt and nickel extraction rate faster, control of two-phase mixing time, using nonequilibrium solvent extraction � � � can effective separation of cobalt and nickel.

with dilute sulphuric acid solution from the load of organic phase extraction nickel, nickel extraction rate can reach more than 99%. Jiang a etc. This paper introduces the use of secondary battery production process of waste foam nickel plate with P507 as extraction agent production technology of nickel sulfate, the slurry pH value of 4. 0, P507 volume fraction is 25%, the saponification rate was 60%, compared with 1 b1, room temperature, balance time 1 min, the primary extraction can realize the separation of cadmium and cobalt, nickel, process simple. Li mou, and other narrative P507 in light factory of cobalt oxalate cobalt, nickel phosphorus company separation system, the application of the results show that the technique index is better than that of P204. Name of cao P507 extraction process is used to study the separation of cobalt and nickel sulfate solution of cobalt and nickel, expand extraction experiments confirm box extraction tank P507 than P204 has more excellent performance of the separation of cobalt and nickel. It can be producing low nickel cobalt salt solution and low cobalt nickel salt solution. Peng a are introduced such as panzhihua cobalt concentrate leaching purification liquid sulfur nickel and cobalt separation and preparation of experimental study on the cobalt products. Cobalt, nickel separation with P507 extraction, the extraction rate of the cobalt is greater than 99. 5%, nickel extraction rate at 0. Less than 01%.
Wu Mou Cyanex272 are introduced such as extractant used in the production of a smelter, practice has proved that Cyanex272 of nickel and cobalt separation ability is better than that of P204 and P507. Its good chemical stability, small water soluble and can be applied to larger the range of changes in nickel and cobalt sulfate and chloride solution. Xu introduced the 5709 pairs of nickel and cobalt and other impurities such as cationic solvent extraction, extraction parameters are recommended by balance aqueous phase pH5. In 1570 and mass fraction of 10% kerosene solution extraction temperature for 50 to 55 e. Wang mou with PT5050 extraction agent, separation and enrichment of nickel liquid ammonia leaching of copper, nickel, cobalt, adopt two-stage extraction, copper and nickel in the solution of the extraction rate of up to 99. Would not be more than 15%, cobalt extraction and the three levels of low acid selective extraction of nickel, nickel extraction rate of more than 99%, with sodium sulfide precipitation over extraction liquid of cobalt, cobalt deposition rate is more than 96%.
ryu synthesized two (such as 2 - Ethyl hexyl) Single dithio phosphate ( D2EHMTPA) , under the experimental conditions can realize arbitrary acidity of Co ( O) 、Ni( O) Separation, especially for high nickel content lower cobalt content of mixed solution of sulfuric acid extraction under low acidity Co ( O) , the extraction rate of more than 99%, high acidity back extraction, elevated temperature separation effect is better, its extraction Co ( O) Than the ability of P507 and P204.
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