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Hydrometallurgy technology of extracting vanadium from stone coal technology research

by:Deyuan      2020-09-05
Stone coal is a kind of important vanadium ore resources, reserves are abundant in our country. Using hydrometallurgy technology extracting vanadium pentoxide from stone coal, natural alkali leaching of low cost raw material, extraction process does not produce secondary pollution, has the good economic and environmental benefits.
in this paper, the shaanxi somewhere is the stone coal wet v extraction technology has carried on the research and improvement, focus on leaching, extraction, the extraction process of process parameters were studied. Studies show that the low concentration of sulfuric acid leaching directly the stone flipping fret is feasible, its best leaching process conditions for: acid concentration of 10% ( The mass fraction) Temperature 85 ℃, 800 r. min - stirring speed 1, leaching time 8 h, ore granularity 80 mesh, liquid-solid ratio 3:1, help leaching dose is 6% ( The mass fraction) Under the condition of the vanadium leaching rate can reach 82. 68%. Help to join can make the leaching rate of infusion R by nearly 5% 0 in the process of extraction with P204 system, adjust pH value to 2. Around 5 in the P204 ( Volume concentration) 20%, 75%, 5% of the TBP, sulfonated kerosene, compared to 1:5, 7 min under the conditions of contact time, vanadium extraction rate can reach 98. 57%; In 1. 0 mol·L- 1 - h2so4 solution for extraction, extraction rate can reach 99. 30%.
from vanadium ore and other vanadium in the raw material of the vanadium high to the requirement of baking furnace roasting process, requirements and the status of the mass transfer of roasting equipment uniform temperature, cannot appear local high temperature. In all kinds of roasting equipment, fluidized bed can maximum limit satisfy the above requirements, but also has the following disadvantages:
a, high energy consumption of the equipment, general of small and medium-sized vanadium factory does not have the capacity to waste heat recovery.
b, small roasting reaction rate, cause a large bed size, difficult to design and operation, equipment cost is high.
c, high waste gas dust content and the gas-solid separation equipment load weight. Average company undertake technology development costs and risks. Therefore, at present the small and medium-sized vanadium factory is flat that is widely used in kiln, the advantage is large elasticity of operation, mature technology. Defect is uneven temperature, mass transfer effect is poor, the inner temperature gradient material layer and material base in the stationary state, not suitable for mass production.
in order to solve to the strict requirement of the baking furnace roasting process, the equipment investment and the problem such as environmental pollution, many people put forward directly from stone coal vanadium ore acid or alkali leaching vanadium process.
    ( 1) Acid leaching vanadium process: in silicon aluminium acid salt content, vanadium is V ( III) Form part of the replace silicon oxygen tetrahedron 'complex network layer' and alumina octahedral Al of 'single network layer' ( III) And exists in mica crystal lattice, its molecular formula for K ( Al,V) ( Al Si3O10] ( 哦) 2, in order to make the vanadium leaching from mica structure, must destroy the mica structure and oxidation. Under the condition of high temperature and long time of leaching, sulfuric acid can destroy some mica structure and dissolution of vanadium, and V ( IV) Form of vanadium can be directly sulfate leaching, the simple equation expressed as:

vanadium acid leaching solution by oxidation, then through ammonia water precipitation, pyrolysis, get more than 98% purity pure vanadium products, total vanadium recovery rate reached 75%. The method has been used in the northwest stone coal vanadium ore production v.
    ( 2) Alkali leaching vanadium technology: using the underground trona to direct leaching of stone coal vanadium ore, made in the form of partial vanadate vanadium into solution in leaching reaction under the available type said:

in the process of leaching, adding oxidant potassium chlorate low vanadium oxide, leaching liquid after purification to join the excess chloride loose, make partial vanadate by precipitation, then through burning deamination, vanadium pentoxide product can be got. Natural alkali leaching of low cost raw materials, to extract the process does not produce secondary pollution, has the good economic and environmental benefits.
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