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I company in 2016 tax credit rating was rated 'a-class tax enterprise'

by:Deyuan      2020-07-29
Recently, the chongqing longevity state tax bureau, chongqing longevity local taxation bureau jointly awarded our company tax credit - the highest honor - - - - - - 'Grade A tax payment enterprise' honorary certificate. According to the state administration of taxation issued by the tax credit rating management method ', the credit rating is divided into class A, B, C, D, in which A grade of the highest level. I company in 2016 tax credit rating received this certificate, is both of our company for a long time fulfill its obligations to pay taxes in accordance with the affirmation, will also be our company such as bank for credit financing business, bring so much convenient cargo import and export documentation review, etc. From now on we as always will strictly perform the reporting work as required, law-abiding business, tax actively, strive to contribute to national and local tax.
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