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Improve mixer settler extraction rate are discussed

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Extraction tank is to point to in a container by mechanical mixing, in another container by gravity natural clarification extraction device, commonly known as mixer settler. As a kind of traditional extraction plant, because it has the advantages of simple structure, flexible combination and widely used in rare earth, precious metals and non-ferrous metals such as separation, extraction and purification process. Especially in recent years, the mixer settler has developed rapidly, and on improving the efficiency of extraction, design out many have different internal institutions at home and abroad of mixer settler. But also due to factors such as technical secret or uninformed, different extraction tank has its internal structure is different, have their own characteristics, the gain of the public long don't see the extraction tank in industry. With the expansion of the scale of industry, the competition is increasingly intensified, extraction tank to optimize the productivity and stability of the product quality for enterprise increased competition vitality, the resulting economic benefit is obvious. Starting from the mechanism of mixer settler, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of various mixer settler, from mixing and clarify two aspects improve the extraction tank extraction rate are discussed.
1。 Improve the efficiency of mixer settler several problems that should be considered
the so-called efficiency is the ratio of the output and input, for mixer settler, high efficiency is to cover an area of an area small, volume small, the structure is relatively simple, relatively low cost of mixer settler meet the requirements of production, quality and cost.
1。 1 originally drafted the mixing efficiency of mixing chamber
in industrial production, use a long time to make a mixture of each level after the complete balance in clarifying the cooking chamber is not very economic, in practice, the extent of the two-phase mixture can be close to equilibrium. In the case of other conditions unchanged, the capacity is inversely proportional level and efficiency, in the actual production, the processing capacity and choose a better point between levels of efficiency, the good point is that the mixer settler mixing chamber of processing capacity. To optimize the mixing chamber structure and the working way of the agitator is an effective and popular way to improve the processing ability.
1。 2 clear chamber clarify efficiency
with smaller clarify chamber volume effectively makes the phase separation. Optimize the way in and out of the fluid, and adding auxiliary facilities is one of the effective methods to improve the efficiency of clear room.
1。 3 full consideration mixing and clarify the mutual influence of
mixing intensity big, can improve the efficiency of mixed, but it will be difficult to clarify; Shorten the settling time, two phase entrainment increase will reduce the level of efficiency, they must take into account.
the optimization of mixing chamber
2. One typical mixed process
two-phase square compartment from the bottom of the cylindrical guide tube into the half open, stirring impeller directly into the blades were produced by the impeller centrifugal acceleration along the horizontal direction around after injection, and to achieve two phase mixture. Mixed phase in the turbulent state in the mixing chamber, and finally from the upper part of the overflow into the clear chamber. In order to improve the mixing efficiency, science and technology personnel put forward many methods, such as in the above the impeller deputy impeller, double mixing chamber double impeller, and multilayer impeller, between each layer of the impeller around the tank wall and horizontal clapboard, and so on, these methods are effective, but to be effective in practice to imitate and reference, to accurately grasp the mixing mechanism.
2。 2 mixed first stage can be optimized measures
in the baffle plate at the bottom of the Settings and diversion tube height consistent, the centripetal arranged in radial guide plate, its meaning is formed between the impeller and storage effect, accelerate the dispersed phase and broken.
2。 3 two phase dynamic equilibrium phase optimization measures
after two phase mixture from the impeller speed to wall jet, near the impeller above the formation of strong turbulence, very beneficial to extraction reaction.
3 clarify chamber optimization
the overflow from the mixing chamber of the fluid is usually concentrated among clarify chamber, the result is a fluid into the clear chamber in the middle when the velocity is higher, rush to the front, shortens the time of stay in clear room in clarifying chamber inlet end to add a grid form mixed phase distribution area, the purpose is to put the mixture from the whole vertical evenly into the clear chamber, clarify room also have the effect of disturbance mixture accelerate coagulation.
enter the clear mixture of chamber, the level of light and heavy phase in slow moving with motion at the meeting at the same time, the formation of mixed zone, separation process is completed in the mixed zone. In clear room more than the first half is in horizontal clapboard, please clarify the room divided into multiple levels of space, make clear more area to expand multiple, mixture in the diaphragm separation soon. When the last of my fluid into the tinder barrier-free, complete separation of two phase is much easier.
4。 Composite efficient extraction tank
composite efficient extraction tank evolved by ordinary mixer settler, the extraction tank without mixing chamber, a mixture of two phase by special equipment to realize efficient mix, so as to achieve the quality objective. Clarify its part and ordinary mixer settler clarify room, with light phase weir, weir, clarification of two phase separation is realized. It greatly reduces the power consumption of the mixer settler, the large quantity of occasions more evident energy-saving advantages, superposition of extraction tank and vexed extraction tank placed, save a lot of cover an area of an area.
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