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In the field of traditional Chinese medicine extract centrifugal extraction machine application

by:Deyuan      2020-08-24
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an integral part of medical treasure-house in our country, has played an important role in the historical process. For a long time, production technology, backward technology and equipment in reason, maximum limit for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). High-speed progress of science and technology has brought the good opportunity to the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the application of modern science and technology to study traditional Chinese medicine is necessary to its development. Improve the quality of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the organic combination of traditional Chinese medicine industry and modern medical technology, to promote it into the international market, the process of extraction and separation of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the key link, and centrifugal extraction machine is one of the important extraction separation equipment.
liquid - Liquid extraction ( Solvent extraction) Separation technology is a kind of rapid development, which can be in accordance with the requirements of separation of objects, and select the appropriate extraction agent and process. In biological and medical engineering, Chinese medicine extraction, pesticide, biological, and other industries widely used, to replace the traditional process of extraction tank, extraction tower, extraction such as extractive slot � � �.
the centrifugal machine is a kind of quick and efficient liquid - Liquid extraction ( Solvent extraction) Equipment that USES centrifugal force to realize the liquid-liquid two-phase extraction and separation. The device can realize the liquid-liquid two-phase mixing, mass transfer, reaction, extraction, washing, separation and other functions.
centrifugal extraction machine is to use the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and separation has a density difference material. So, in the liquid - Liquid extraction ( Solvent extraction) Process in use, the requirement for raw material liquid has the following points: ( 1) Two mutual miscibility; ( 2) At least in the difference in density between 0. More than 1; ( 3) Are not allowed to be contained in the separation of liquid solid ( Allow a small amount of solid particles) 。
in Chinese traditional medicine extract production, raw material liquid, the nature of the centrifugal extraction machine of high speed stirring and temperature change, is material system produce solid precipitation and emulsifying phenomenon, cause the loss of the extraction efficiency, separation effect becomes poor, production decrease and the increases of equipment maintenance cost.
according to literatures, traditional Chinese medicine extraction is still one of the bottleneck of domestic Chinese medicine modernization. At present, the world natural plant medicine market has amounted to $30 billion, and is growing at 20% a year, probably in recent years rapid growth to more than $100 billion; 2003 plant extracts of traditional Chinese medicine products export share increased to 30. 16%, more than proprietary Chinese medicine, as China's traditional Chinese medicine export goods of the second categories. Plant extract field development potential is huge, good prospect. Less investment, low production cost, high degree of security of the extraction method for people place more and more attention. The next few years, the plant extract would greatly increase the varieties and quantity, there will be orders of magnitude leap in 10 years, by continuous extraction process is discussed, and improve process capability and yield, reducing production cost, is of unusual significance.
special centrifugal extraction machine as extraction equipment, due to accelerating the settlement of the droplets can take advantage of the centrifugal force layered, so allow fuel mixing that allow a drop finely, thus strengthen the extraction operation. Centrifugal extraction machine has two categories, classification and differential contact. The former in the centrifuge and stirring device, form a single stage or multistage centrifugal extraction machine, Davis, tower and cylinder type centrifugal extraction machine. The latter in a multilayer concentric cylinder of drum, wall openings, causes the liquid cell membrane and dropwise dispersion, such as bode bill he type centrifugal extraction machine. Centrifugal extraction machine especially suitable for the small difference in density between or easy emulsification system, due to the material stay in the machine for a very short time, and can also be applied to chemical and physical properties of volatile substances extraction.
I developed the company. cwl type centrifugal extraction machine, combined with the advantages of a variety of centrifugal extraction machine, compared to other centrifugal extraction machine, reduce the power loss and corrosion resistant performance and stability performance is more reliable. Because it is sealing design, get rid of the cylinder centrifugal extraction machine noise and leakage problems, machine work condition, barely hear noise.
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