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In the hydrometallurgical extraction of ruthenium oxide

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Hydrometallurgical extraction of ruthenium oxide in hydrometallurgy industry got very good application, ruthenium oxide is larger, the hydrophilic small neutral molecule, it occupies a cavity in the aqueous solution, destroyed some of the hydrogen bonding between water molecules associating with cooperation, is in a state of unstable, so it is easy to use CCl4 or CHCl3 molecular weak interactions between the organic phase of extraction, commonly referred to as the extraction (physical) distribution.
in hydrometallurgical extraction of ruthenium oxide, should be paid attention to when the temperature is 25 degrees ruthenium oxide in carbon tetrachloride and water distribution coefficient between 58. 4, with carbon tetrachloride extraction ruthenium oxide congenial degrees of PH = 4, in a higher acidity solution extraction, distribution coefficient is basically the same, but the use of alkaline solutions such as 2 mol/L sodium hydroxide from organic phase, and the extraction ruthenium by reducing agent, such as sodium sulfite solution can also reverse extraction ruthenium.
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