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In the process of centrifugal extraction machine at sea bromide applications

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Marine organisms and Marine sediments is chemical problem in the development and utilization of chemical resources disciplines, is a branch of Marine chemistry. The current domestic research focuses on two aspects: (1) direct extraction from seawater scarce elements, compounds and nuclear material, (2) extracted from Marine organisms have physiological activity of natural organic matter.
from the middle of the 19th century to the 1920 s, the chemical process and technology of the comprehensive utilization of salt brine, Epsom salt and glauber's salt, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, bromine and other products. Although the limited number of salt brine, scattered and difficult to concentrate, is not conducive to development of production, but in these classic work, systematically studies the dissolved salts and equilibrium conditions of crystallization process, guiding the separation of various kinds of products. Around 1930, key research chemicals extracted directly from the sea, research and development of the water of the bromine blow out air and seawater magnesium chemical precipitation, respectively established the bromine water system and water system of magnesium industry. In 1935, conducted by two bitter amide experiment of the potassium from seawater. 1952 years later, the technology has been widely used. Since the 60 s, was introduced to the resources in the study of chemical some analysis method with higher precision, enrichment and separation of new technology, at this time, the liquid - Solid distribution theory and method, and by reference to the development of the study. In order to seek new drugs from Marine resources, the development of Marine natural organic materials research, has developed more rapidly.
seawater lift bromide bromide is extracted from the water element of technology. Bromide and its derivatives is the pharmaceutical industry and the important raw material for preparing flame retardants, such as drilling fluid, high demand. Foreign sea bromine test and development since 1934, Japan, France, Argentina and Canada and other countries and regions have built sea bromide factory, annual production of basic keep in the level of 360000 tons.
bromine water, since 1966 China is still in the size of the small trial production. Sea bromine technology with steam distillation and air blowing out method, solvent extraction, precipitation, adsorption, etc. , including air blowing out method and water vapor distillation is widely used by both at home and abroad. Blow out air law is the basic processes of acidification - oxidation - blow out to absorption, distillation; Absorption process widely used alkali absorption and a sulfur oxide absorption, absorbent with alkali, sulfur, iron, sodium bromide, etc. However, with the rapid development of extraction equipment, solvent extraction water bromine has precedence.
air blow out method is saturated water, stir in accordance with the measured quantity zhongtong into chlorine and too much about 15% ( Must be in a well-ventilated environment! ) And let stand ( Bromine sink at the bottom) , separation, purification for a quick. Note contains a certain amount of iodine, when using physical methods and purification, and repeat several times. Extract process for gas masks, rubber gloves and protective clothing to prevent poisoning, bromine has strong corrosive, steam is easy to enter the respiratory tract, very difficult to remove the deposited in the body.
air blow out method is used in industrial scale sea bromide of commonly used method, a kind of technology which is in advance after acidification of concentrated sea water, chlorine replacement bromide ions into elemental bromine, then pass into the air and water vapor, the bromine blow into the absorption tower, bromine vapor and sulfur dioxide absorbing agent works into hydrobromic acid in order to reach the purpose of enrichment, also is the enrichment of bromine. And then, using bromine chlorine is its oxidation products.
solvent extraction method is to use the use of compounds in the two mutual miscibility ( Or slightly soluble) Solubility in solvent or the distribution coefficient of the different, make the compounds from within a solvent to another solvent. After repeated many times extraction, will most of the compounds are extracted. This method is also applied in the process of extraction bromine.
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