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In the process of extraction tower processing of sebacic acid from the waste water containing phenol

by:Deyuan      2020-08-29
The domestic sebacic acid production mainly adopts benzene ( A) Phenol dilution method, each about 1 t sebacic acid products produce 30 t wastewater containing phenol, the wastewater with low pH, high salt, high content of phenol and COD, the characteristics of direct emissions will cause serious pollution to the environment. At present, most enterprises is not effective treatment method for this kind of wastewater.
the wastewater composition is complicated, mainly small molecules containing phenols, fatty acid, sebacic acid ester and glycerol and other organic pollutants, the other containing sodium sulfate and other inorganic salts, wastewater pH is low. Wastewater is high content of phenolic substances, recycling value engineering with the method of complexation extraction for enrichment of phenolic substances in waste water recycling. Other not extract the water extraction of the organic matter content is still high, at the same time due to the presence of high concentrations of sodium sulfate salt, organic pollutants is difficult to directly biochemical degradation, increasing the difficulty of wastewater treatment, waste water must be desalination processing. For actual desalting process, engineering often adopt the method of evaporation, it can achieve satisfactory result of desalination. Through the study of the evaporation process of extraction of water, recycling of sodium sulfate salt products; After the evaporation of condensate in the A/O biological treatment, so as to realize the wastewater discharging standard. Wastewater treatment processes as shown:

( 1) After filtering sebacic acid was isolated crystalline solid high salt waste water containing phenol after adjusting the pH and complexation extraction agent according to certain proportion pump into the extraction tower, after full reaction under normal temperature static layering, extraction of the lower residual phase ( Extraction effluent) Into the evaporation system, the upper extraction phase ( Load extraction agent) Send back extraction regeneration system.
  ( 2) The extraction phase ( Load extraction agent) With lye pump by certain proportion into the back extraction tower, let stand layered after responding well under normal temperature, the lower of the extraction solution ( Sodium phenol solution) Recycling returns sebacic acid production system, the upper for regeneration after extraction agent, recycling use in extraction system.
  ( 3) More than the above extraction phase ( Extraction effluent) Pump into the three effect evaporator, continuous decompression evaporation, concentrate filtering crystallizing anhydrous sodium sulfate product, evaporation condensation water to send A/O biological system.
  ( 4) Evaporation condensation water after cooling, into the biochemical system adjusting pool, add sewage homogeneous, average, at the same time, wastewater pH regulation, and according to certain proportion to join nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients.
  ( 5) Will adjust pool mixture wastewater pump into the biochemical system A pool of oxygen biochemical treatment, A pool dosing through domestication, cultivation of microbial agents. The purpose of A pool of oxygen biochemical treatment is to reduce the relative molecular mass organic material, improve the efficiency of subsequent aerobic biochemical treatment.
  ( 6) After A pool of oxygen biochemical treatment of the sludge mixture into O pool to blast aeration stirring, control of dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and other conditions for aerobic biochemical treatment. After A pool aerobic biochemical treatment of stratified mixture into the pond, subsidence, sedimentation sludge part back into A pool, part into the sludge thickener for enrichment settlement, the use of filter press filter cake after discharge, supernatant fluid into the flocculation reaction tank, adding flocculant flocculation sedimentation treatment, effluent standards.
the complexation extraction evaporate + + A/O process sebacic acid production wastewater containing phenol, operation practice shows that the technology mature and stable treatment effect. After processing, waste water of phenol, fatty acid, sebacic acid ester, glycerol, etc all can biodegrade, after A/O biological treatment effluent COD99 %. Wastewater after complexation extraction, more than 99% of the phenolics was removed, the remaining small amounts of phenols and triple effect evaporation, such as A/O biological treatment, effluent water quality meet the integrated wastewater discharge standard '( GB 8978— 1996). The level of emission standards.
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