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In the process of star anise extracts several targeted extraction technologies

by:Deyuan      2020-08-28
Star anise fruit attending cold hernia, abdominal pain, waist and knee pain, cold stomach, vomiting, pain, rou GUI vagina beriberi, etc. For treatment of small intestinal gas falling, hernia partial pendant, waist heavy bulge, lumbar disease such as sting, urine all secret, abdominal distension, such as drum, shortness of breath, moisture, wind poison attack Zhu sores, skin purple pus, bad, step line, skin inflammation, etc have a significant effect. Star anise extraction process can be divided into the following three techniques.

  ( 1) The principle of supercritical fluid extraction, supercritical fluid extraction (sfe) is the use of the fluid in supercritical state has choose solubility of material characteristics, thus for separation and purification. Has no residual solvents, low processing temperature, strong selectivity, non-flammable, safety, energy saving and the solvent can be recycled, is known as 'green separation technology'. Especially suitable for the unstable separation of natural products and refined, as food, spices, and medicine and other fields of deep processing of one of the effective methods to get high quality products. Using liquid or supercritical our fleet extraction technology to extract the star anise oil with than traditional organic solvent extraction of significant advantages: low temperature, no pollution, no residue, the products have complete smell, taste and sensory characteristics, can maintain basic anise characteristics.

  ( 2) Organic solvent extraction, organic solvent extraction separation principle is in the aqueous solution containing is separated, add the extraction agent and not mixed with water soluble organic solvent, using material in two phase distribution of different properties, some components in organic phase, and other components are still stay in the water phase, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.
  ( 3) Distillation steam distillation is the general method to extract anise oil separation and purification are miscibility with water is not the commonly used method of volatile organic compounds. Because it is usually operating at high temperatures, can cause some fraction loss, extract quality is poor.
extract anise oil resin star anise oil resin is composed of aromatic oil, fatty oil and resin material mixture, dark brown or green liquid. Its volatile oil content, color and other physical and chemical indicators related to production methods. Production process is different, its physical and chemical indicators will vary, but all contain the balmy composition of star anise, spicy ingredients, active ingredients such as fatty oil, anise smell, taste and sensory characteristics, star anise oil resin has strict quality indicators, conform to the hygiene standards, easy to quantitative control when using, for the food industry automation, scale, and consistent processing food flavor can wait for an advantage.
star anise oil resin usually adopt solvent extraction rule of law. In order to ensure that the product yield and quality, must be considered when choosing solvent solvent solubility, volatile, toxicity, odour, chemical properties, physical properties ( Viscosity, permeability) And safety, flammability, price, etc. Commonly used solvents such as ethanol, acetone and petroleum ether, our fleet. In ethanol, acetone and petroleum ether, etc. A solvent or two or more mixed solvent extraction oil resin method is commonly referred to as organic solvent extraction, the process for the star anise, after in extractor with appropriate solvents extraction, extracted liquid is filtered, atmospheric distillation swing to solvent after removing impurities, and then high vacuum desorption solvent ( When it is necessary to add the nitrogen) for azeotropic agent or access Get residue, which is a star anise oil resin products, solvent can be recycled after recovery principle. Same anise raw materials with different solvent extraction, star anise oil resin product yield, quality and color, aroma, flavor characteristics were different, so the solvent selection is one of the important factors of star anise oil resin production.
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