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In the process of the centrifugal extraction machine extraction diluent

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
In the process of centrifugal extraction machine extraction diluent mainly include: the effect of
1. Change the concentration of the extraction agent, in order to adjust and control the extraction solvent extraction and separation ability, from the perspective of extraction equilibrium, extraction agent concentration will enhance the extraction rate of the extraction; For acid extraction agent and its extraction agent can also reduce the PH value, can be extracted under high acidity, in addition, different concentration of extraction solvent, the separation between the elements of ability is not the same.
2。 Solvation effects. Interaction between solute and solvent said as a solvent, it refers to the solute in the solution by near the phenomenon of solvent molecule surrounded, solvent on the reaction rate and the influence of chemical equilibrium and reaction mechanism is called the solvent effect.
in the process of the centrifugal extraction machine extraction diluter huge role, to a great extent, can improve the reaction rate, reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency.
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