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In the process of the mixer settler extraction clarification of two phase separation

by:Deyuan      2020-08-21
Introduction of mixer settler
extraction tank ( Also called mixer settler) Is one of the two phase separation by gravity to contact extraction equipment, step by step in terms of the flow of water phase and organic phase, can be divided into counterflow and parallel flow; In terms of energy input mode, can be divided into the air, mechanical stirring and ultrasonic pulse stirring; Is the box structure, in addition to simple box type mixer, and more compartment, modular a variety of other mixer.

mixer settler USES 1, can complete liquid Liquid extraction of scientific experiments;
2, can be used for processing small industrial production.
power requirement: 220 v alternating current.
the main structure: the whole system includes a tub, stirrer, motor, controller, The other can be mounted to the temperature control system) , in which the body has two feeding port, discharging port.
structure material: 304/316 l / 904 l/PP/ptfe/titanium/PMMA, etc.
controller: agitator rotational speed by variable frequency drive controller control.

extraction tank mixer settler working principle is the oldest and still widely used industrial application technology mature extraction equipment. It is one of the two phase separation by gravity to contact step by step extraction equipment, mainly by the mixing chamber and clarification of two parts. Raw material liquid and extraction agent after their first inlet into the mixing chamber, by mixing blender mixing and mass transfer, and then through the overflow baffle into clear indoor, natural separation was achieved by gravity. Finally into different export respectively, complete extraction process. In practical production, general for multi-stage extraction tank in series, and is equipped with reverse extraction, washing, regeneration section section.
characteristics of mixer settler
1. Simple structure, convenient control, stable interface;
    2. Level with high efficiency;
    3. Simple dispersible stability, mixed compared to adjust;
    4. Low mixing strength, reduces the energy consumption, and is advantageous to the split phase, less solvent entrainment loss;
    5. Internal structure is improved, very suitable for a variety of extraction process, and high efficiency, clarify the effect is good, less loss of organic phase extraction agent, makes the production efficiency and product quality had the very big enhancement.
    6. PP/PVC extraction equipment tub is made of high quality PP/PVC plastic. High quality PP/PVC plastic its physical performance stability, acid and alkali resistant performance is better, and can well adapt to the transformation of production technology, can change the structure or changes at any time in and out of the material liquid mouth, easy to alter plastic welding, flexibility is strong;
    7. High quality PP/PVC trough anti-aging longer generally can reach 15 - After 20 years, and scrap can be recycled, won't produce environmental pollution phenomenon, is the new generation of the best extraction equipment;
    8. Flexible determine series;
    9. To change the mixing efficiency, the speed of the turbine and inserting depth of the liquid can be adjusted;
    10. Each level is easy to sampling, chemical analysis can be obtained after two phase concentration distribution of materials;
    11. Processing capacity big, operation has good elasticity;
    12. Over a very wide range of flow than can be stable operation;
    13. Layout is compact, can be used in single stage, also can freely according to process requirements of the experimenter combination form modular distribution;
    14. Each level has a heavy phase material liquid and light phase material liquid guiding device, can control clarify the two phase interface height;
    15. Is suitable for the extraction process of two-phase blend to need certain mass transfer time of extraction system, and also can process contains a small amount of suspended solid material;
    16. Each link all use clever design saves pipe too much, and unnecessary base space;
    17. The union human nature, multi-function scaffold design, make its can detect multiple extraction faster, more flexible data;
    18. The equipment operation is simple, the line interface is used seal extremely fast way, and each interface is independent parts, realize the convenient and quick adjustment, combination and replace.

1 mixer settler application fields, the pharmaceutical industry ( Traditional Chinese medicine extraction)
2, biological engineering, Nutrient solution, interferon, organic acid in the fermented liquid extraction)
3, fine chemical, Extraction of essence, spice)
4, hydrometallurgy, Extraction of heavy metals, rare earth metals, etc. )
5, the nuclear industry ( The extraction of uranium)
6, pesticides ( Marla sulphur phosphorous extraction etc. )
7, food industry, Cooking oil, food, pigment, additives such as extraction)
8, environmental protection industry ( Sewage recycling, etc. )
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