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In traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology to extract the leguminous plants of the genus robinia quercetin

by:Deyuan      2020-08-30
Sophora japonica for leguminous plants of the genus robinia robinia flowers or flower buds, development of flowers 'sophora japonica,' xi said bud 'sophora japonica' xi said. Sophora japonica is most effective components in rutin ( 10% ~ 28%) , can under the action of enzymes or acid hydrolysis of rutin called quercetin, this nature is one of the important methods for preparation of quercetin. Quercetin, also known as quercetin, it Beijing Opera, is a kind of exist in fruits, vegetables and grains such as plant source sex flavonoids in plants. The physics properties of

dihydrate is yellow needle crystal ( Dilute ethanol) In 95 - 97 ° C to become anhydride, melting point 314 ° C ( Decomposition) 。 Can dissolve in cold ethanol ( When 0) Soluble in hot ethanol, The thing) , soluble in methanol, ethyl acetate, glacial acetic acid and pyridine, acetone, insoluble in water, benzene, ether, chloroform and petroleum ether, alkaline solution yellow, almost insoluble in water.

extraction process because of the traditional water extraction process is limited to extract flavonoid glycosides, consider in the process of extraction with water, soaking time, decocting time and decocting times and other factors. The process to extract low efficiency, high cost, technological process, extract the impurities added, to further the shortcomings such as separation brings a lot of trouble.

cold alkali diacolation method most flavonoids with phenol hydroxyl, so can use alkaline dilute alcohol leaching, after acidification of the flavonoids. Mainly in alkaline solution was to dilute the sodium oxide and whitewash. The aqueous solution of sodium oxide leaching ability is high, but impurity is more, unfavorable to purification. Limewater precipitation can use some tannins or water soluble impurities generated calcium salt precipitation, is advantageous to the immersion and purification.

microwave method of microwave technology application in the production and living of people more and more widely, this method on the extraction of flavonoids are also obtained the good effect. Its principle is to use 24 per second produced by magnetron. 500 million ultra-high frequency of vibration, make medicinal materials in collisions between molecules, extrusion, leaching active ingredients.
extraction solvent extraction ( Alcohol)
by extracting of rutin from sophora japonica crude products, with petroleum ether, acetone, each 25 ml 95% ethanol, in turn, washing, thus emerge pigments and other impurities. And the rest of the crystallization, add distilled water, heat to dissolve the crystallization, the suction filter placed for 12 hours, rutin is tasted. With 2% sulfuric acid ph = 2, heating reflux hydrolysis, there are yellow crystalline precipitate ( Quercetin crude products) To strike the suction filter, washed in neutral. Add 95% ethanol, heating is to precipitate dissolve, strike the suction filter and filtrate to join the amount of distilled water recrystallization, quercetin is tasted.

extraction equipment to more reserved Chinese medicine pharmacological characteristics and the requirements of industrial production, appeared on the market a lot of extraction equipment, such as carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction equipment, traditional Chinese medicine material enrichment evaporator, centrifugal extraction, extraction tower and extraction tank, etc. The extraction equipment according to the different extraction, its application scope is also different. Centrifugal extraction machine as a new generation of centrifuges, it is mainly used in two phase fluid or between a variety of mixed liquid extraction transformation. Through high speed centrifugal force, join the extraction solvent, drive a good contact with the material mixing, ultimately achieve liquid stratified precipitation. In recent years, the centrifugal extraction machine is widely used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine extraction technology.
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