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Indium extraction equipment to process

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
List, zhuzhou city science and technology progress prize in 2013, completed by zhuzhou smelter group co. , LTD's liquid acid leaching of zinc oxide direct extraction of indium, new technology was awarded the first prize.
the zhuzhou smelter indium recovery early technology has been used in the 1980 s. Long with the original process flow, intermediate slag material, easy to produce poisonous gas hydrogen arsenide, production cost higher shortcomings, indium recovery level of about 73%. Since the 'eleventh five year plan', zhuzhou smelter due to the upgrade of zinc smelting process, direct leaching iron slag processing into the volatilization kiln, its output of zinc oxide iron is high, resulting in acidic leaching liquid iron is high, the indium enrichment, extraction process is affected. A variety of reasons make the original process has been difficult to meet the production demand and high production cost, labor intensity is big, indium recovery rate is low.
since 2010, zhuzhou smelter through two years of research, developed a liquid acid leaching of zinc oxide direct extraction of the new technology of indium. The process of acid leaching of zinc oxide liquid purification technology make the leaching liquid can be directly extracting indium, the original process reduces the enrichment of indium and zinc dust replacement sink transshipment, enriched slag leaching process, etc. In May 2012, the project put into production. Practice, according to the application of the technology of recovery of indium, greatly reduce the indium production cost, can save a year only zinc powder 3000 tons, the production cost is about 10 million yuan. Process. As a result of the process simplified, greatly reduced the loss, increase the recovery rate of indium achieve linear increase 15%, annually increasing indium recovery of 7. 5 tons, a 26 million yuan. At the same time, but also has significant environmental benefits.
it is understood that in the process of research, in the process of zhuzhou smelter and to declare with the new technology or related person 6 patents results. Last August, in hunan province science and technology department of organization of the project appraisal thinks, the results of the overall technology has the very good application value.
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