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Indonesia: the government doesn't loosen nickel and bauxite export ban

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Marine affairs as a whole the minister of energy and mineral resources minister executive LuHu ( Luhut Binsar Panjaitan) To claim that the government is revised in 2014, no. 1 coal and ore property activities related to the government regulations and almost certainly not relax the export ban for nickel and bauxite.

LuHu recently in Jakarta said: & other; Government although not decided, but almost certainly not loosen nickel and bauxite export ban. Possibility is very large, because I have to study again. ”

according to the results of the temporary study found in Indonesia nickel production accounts for almost 50% of the world's nickel market share.

Indonesia, the Philippines and new caledonia, New Caledonia) Even confirmed control 70% of the world nickel supply.

LuHu, pointed out that the Indonesian nickel smelting production of derivatives, such as stainless steel have been exported to abroad.

so far for nickel ore about 22 of the downstream enterprises, large and small smelters.

  “ Nickel, imported from our country at present in China to meet the demand for nickel almost 40% to 60%. Chinese companies also offer stainless steel factory in China. For this reason, if the domestic ability to processing, why exported to abroad, & throughout; LuHu continued, the same is true for bauxite.

maritime affairs as a whole the minister claimed further, in addition to nickel and bauxite, 2014 no. 1 government regulations amendment does not loosen the ban on imports of rare earth elements.

although Indonesia did not grasp its processing technology, but the rare earth elements in the college is a rare material.

  “ The global rare earth reserves is not much, but rare earth resources in China is very large. The government hopes to domestic enterprises grasp the rare earth purification and application technology. The government's goal is to put the rare earth the same as the oil palm, the price set by the our country in the international market, throughout the &; He said.

LuHu added, energy and mineral resources are still ban on exports will loosen mineral species, especially for copper and its derivatives for further studies.

he said & other; Energy and mineral resources department team will also need a week to study copper and its derivatives. About the nickel and bauxite, not loosen export bans the possibility is very large. ”

the government comply with the provisions of the coal law, since January 11, 2014, banning coarse mineral exports. Even so, the government also provide smelting minerals or purification material to 2017 export opportunities.

the government's decision to provide mining companies to build smelter. In order to promote the Indonesian domestic products more added value, the government will enforce the downstream of the coal mine.
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