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by:Deyuan      2020-09-09
Adjacent to a phenolic epoxy resin is a kind of multifunctional glycidyl ether epoxy resin, excellent thermal stability, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, water resistance, chemical resistance and high glass transition temperature, is widely used in high-tech electronics packaging materials, semiconductor integrated circuit, large scale integrated circuit of capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, such as encapsulation, potentiometer, etc. In the process of production, therefore, requires a phenolic epoxy resin product quality is stable, resin, high purity, less impurity elements, etc. Our company produces the extraction separation equipment to optimize a phenolic epoxy resin production technology, improve its operating environment.

in fine chemical production, the need for washing adjacent a phenolic epoxy resin. Zheng � � � extraction as a domestic liquid liquid extraction separation equipment manufacturers, such as fine chemical extraction, washing, reverse extraction section have rich experience in technology and customer case. For example:

fine chemical washing process cases summary:

adjacent a phenolic epoxy resin continuous counter-current extraction water project

the construction time:
in July 2016,

2 ( Extraction, washing)

2. After 5 m/h

total number of equipment: 10 sets

shown below

zhengzhou continuous extraction water extraction equipment - — CWL - M series centrifugal extraction machine performance advantages:

1, the extraction system cover an area of an area small, large quantity;

2, the amount of extraction solvent is small, and can be recycled, reduce investment cost;

3, high extraction efficiency, low comprehensive cost;

4, a closed loop system, good operating environment;

5, the equipment of low power consumption, CWL250 - Power only 1 M per hour. 5千瓦。
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