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Industrial recovery of waste acid extraction method

by:Deyuan      2020-08-17
Industrial recovery of waste acid by extraction method has become a kind of important industrial technology, have very extensive application, heavy halogen acid and boric acid extraction from seawater and salt lake in the recovery of bromine, iodine, boron has considerable potential value, in the industrial process of recovery of acid in the acid waste liquid, recycling, or eliminate pollution is one of the purposes of research on acid extraction, there have been some examples of industrial application. Although in recent years, thanks to the development of electrodialysis, ion exchange membrane technology in the recycling of industrial waste acid show the advantages of larger, but many researchers still insist on extraction research.
industrial recovery of waste acid extraction method research attention another reason is because many extraction process was conducted under the condition of a certain acidity, must understand when choosing extraction solvent and extraction technology of the extraction technology of acid.
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