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Industrial waste water containing phenol extraction dephenolizing process is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-09-11
In oil refining, dyestuff, papermaking, rubber, medicine and other industries, phenol and their derivatives, as a kind of important chemical raw material and is widely used, which produces a large amount of wastewater containing phenol. Phenolic compound is a potent nerve toxin, for all biological cells have poison effect, many countries ( Including China) Will it as a priority pollutants. Therefore, for these high toxicity and refractory wastewater containing phenol has very significant meaning in effective governance.

the treatment of wastewater containing phenol method mainly has: incineration method, extraction, adsorption, ion exchange method, biological method [ Printing, chemical industry waste water containing phenol, phenol concentration usually above I000mg/L, for such high concentration phenol wastewater, developed a can effectively reduce the phenol content in the wastewater, phenol substance in waste water can be recycled again at the same time process is particularly important.

zhengzhou extraction customers preferred a using complexation extraction process was studied industrial technology of wastewater containing phenol. With the TBP, kerosene and N - Mixed solvent composed of 235 as extraction agent, to a certain concentration of alkali solution as extraction agent, using. cwl - M series centrifugal extraction machine, by means of multi-stage extraction and reverse extraction combined with some phenol content of waste water containing phenol is greatly reduced, at the same time of phenolic substances in waste water recycling.

the. cwl - zhengzhou extraction M type centrifugal extraction machine, is made of polymer composite fluorine material, to the outside of the equipment automatic insulation device; The BT - feed pump 300 fj type peristaltic pump, heating device for BH - 4 digital display type constant temperature water-bath water. The process Settings are 1 the return line, which is to reverse extraction lye backflow.

in the design of a pharmaceutical factory in henan province in the treatment of wastewater containing phenol project, find zhengzhou extraction company, seeking solutions. Pharmaceutical factory waste water PH value is 9. For 3500-0, the quality of the phenol concentration 7300 mg/L, the quality of the COD concentration is 5000 - 14000 mg/L, according to the technological requirements, waste water into the equipment before the PH value must be set to 1. 0.

late in order to ensure stable operation of phenol wastewater treatment equipment, reaches producing, zhengzhou extractive company test center and pharmaceutical technical personnel to do the test and pilot test, the results showed:

1, high-efficiency centrifugal extraction machine processing the waste water containing phenol, zhengzhou extraction the technological methods to solve the traditional process and equipment of high energy consumption, poor corrosion resistance and difficult problems such as maintenance, greatly reducing the phenol wastewater treatment cost, has the very good market prospect.

2, efficient centrifugal extraction machine processing best operation condition of wastewater containing phenol as: two levels of countercurrent extraction temperature is 70 ℃, compared to 1:3, the total flow of 500 ml/min. Three-stage countercurrent extraction temperature is 70 ℃, compared to 20: I, the total flow of 250 ml/min. After treatment, the water quality concentration phenol was lowered to 18. 05mg/L. , removing phenol rate reached 99. 44%, the COD concentration was lowered to lO5. 21 mg/L, phenolics, and recycling the wastewater is a kind of wastewater treatment technology of green environmental protection.

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