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Innovation to upgrade the centrifugal extraction equipment extraction by the quality to win trust

by:Deyuan      2020-09-10
Zhengzhou extraction technology co. , LTD. , quality improve value through innovative manufacturing differences, will continuously injected into product research and development of advanced technology and concept, makes a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine, acclaimed.

graph: extraction booth live-action
at present, environmental problems increasingly prominent, with the construction of ecological civilization, green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction will be the future development trend. Reducing emissions, efficient consumption become the direction of all walks of life, chemical environmental protection enterprise.
in line with 'water, water everything; Extraction, adult into 'the idea, a famous manufacturer as liquid-liquid extraction equipment, zhengzhou extraction technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'extraction') With science and technology as the innovation and technology as the guide, committed to the development and application of mixing and separation technology. Since its establishment, extraction with professional and high efficiency of products, good reputation and won many of its product characteristics of the 'rapid, efficient and new type' favored by customers.
August 23 ~ 25, the 9th China ( Shanghai) International chemical technology and equipment exhibition held in Shanghai new international expo center grand, extraction with new type centrifugal extraction technology and equipment appearance; In addition, the extractive application research center director Mr Sun Benshuai company in an interview with Chinese environmental online, is the company's development, research and development strength and a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine made in detail.

graph: extraction application research center director Mr Sun Benshuai this interview
'extraction is given priority to with operation and management, technology research and development, production and processing diffusion is complementary, products cover new type centrifugal extraction, extraction, extraction tower and mixing equipment, with extraction equipment annual output of more than 10000 sets/ability'. Mr Sun Benshuai said.
on technology research and development, extraction of active and kunming university of science and technology, China academy of sciences, Beijing university of science and technology of mining university, Harbin Institute of Technology, weihai, absorbing advanced technology integration, constantly seeking new breakthrough in the field of product research and development. With rich practical experience, extraction of independent research and development manufacturing patent product. cwl series centrifugal extraction machine, have innovation to upgrade to the fourth generation.
, says Mr Sun Benshuai differs from the current domestic annular structure of centrifugal extraction machine, a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine achieve a new breakthrough in extraction equipment, low energy consumption, use scope extended to fine chemical, wet metallurgy, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, plant extracts, and many other fields, its technical performance has surpassed other similar products in the same industry.
access to information, according to a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine adopts hanging on the structure, processing area at the bottom of the bearing and mechanical seal; Optional variety of mixed structure, is applicable to various types of extraction system including easy emulsification system, fully mixed, the extraction rate is high; Equipment storage liquid quantity is little, can realize the heavy or light phase of internal circulation;
in addition to the above characteristics, talked about the obvious advantage of a new generation of centrifugal extraction machine, Mr Sun Benshuai summarized as the following two points: 1) Energy saving effect is remarkable. Unmanned operation monitoring, large capacity, under the condition of the same capacity, its power consumption is a traditional annular structure of centrifugal extraction machine ( A third - 1/10) ; Among them, the CWL850 - M type centrifugal extraction machine can reach 150 M after/h capacity. 2) The corrosion resistance is strong. Equipment adopts perfluorinated polymer structure, resistant to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, corrosion of mixed acid and organic solvents.
is not just a product upgrade, the enterprise operation management, extraction in transition. Is gradually through integration of more than ten years of development, extraction by a single equipment manufacturers into a comprehensive service provider, from providing customers with test pilot, technology research and development, to the equipment type selection, late to planning the layout and installation and debugging, aims to provide 'one-stop' service.
keep up with the trend of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the future, extraction will continue to support to technological innovation, creating more 'design more perfect, more reasonable select material, control more accurate, more energy efficient operation and operation more human nature is changed' cost-effective products, contributing to energy conservation and environmental protection.
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