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Inventory reduction, and increased demand in China, the international copper was high up to 5 months

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
On Monday, On March 21) , because copper prices, falling inventories and investor expectations as the main consumer demand in China will increase, boosting cramps copper market sentiment, but the dollar's rise has limited the copper prices rise.
London metal exchange ( LME) Index three-month copper ( CMCU3) Rose 0. 5%, to $5065 per m/t

China's February refined copper imports jumped more than 50% from the same period a year earlier, at 32. 86. 04 million tonnes, analysts expect, due to seasonal factors, China's import demand will increase in the coming months.
PeterFertig QuantitativeCommodityResearch analyst, said financial investors misread the outlook for demand from China, Chinese demand is not as bad, they think the market sentiment improved, Fertig, according to the United States to raise interest rates slow progress factor has been digested by the market, the dollar is unlikely to provide further support for copper rose.

the U. S. federal reserve ( 美联储) Policy makers, said last week that 2016 rate 0. 5% is appropriate. Before is expected to raise interest rates this year to 1%. A stronger dollar could make dollar-denominated goods more expensive for holders of other currencies.
WiktorBielski VTB analyst said, with the end of the month and the end of the quarter, the price is expected to consolidate.

the LME copper stocks more than 35% since the end of January to reduce, to a more than 15. 50000 tons. 

in the near future, two large spot contract of the warehouse receipt may make a tighter, pushed spot copper contracts ( CMCU0) The three-month copper contracts ( CMCU3) Premium above $30 per ton for the highest level since last August.

the three-month aluminum ( CMAL3) Lower to 0. 6%, to $1512 a tonne, zinc ( CMZN3) Get a 1. 7%, to $1875, up to five months earlier highs in 1877. Fifty dollars.

lead ( CMPB3) Get a 1. 1%, to $1828 a tonne, tin ( CMSN3) Unchanged at $16900, nickel, CMNI3) Rose 1. 2%, to $8765.
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