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Invite you to meet in Copper Cobalt Africa 2018

by:Deyuan      2020-07-30
Copper Cobalt Africa 2018 conference is one of the world's most important annual metallurgical activity, main purpose is to promote a dialogue between mining and metallurgy, a common challenge facing the discussion industry; Improve the understanding of current and emerging technologies, protect resources, make full use of the resources; Encourage professionals from all walks of life to participate in the construction of copper strip area. Copper Cobalt Africa on July 8, 2018 to 12, held in the southern city of livingston in Zambia. The meeting as a platform for discussion, ranging from exploration, project, mining and processing, recycling and value-added, such as theme, provides a near Africa copper and cobalt industry opportunities, and can make to the region of the world's mining and processing aspects of deeply understanding and contact. Is characterized by broad coverage, including many industry watches agenda, special BBS and important international experts and scholars of speech. Warmly welcome you and kang PuHua learn together in Copper Cobalt Africa 2018!
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