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July 11 CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper essay: China's inflation data down to market expectations of China will further stimulate the economy, London copper rose 1. 14%; Chilean copper supported copper strike news, today's spot copper is expected to rise.

aluminium essay: rising dollar and crude oil fell weigh on prices, fell in late London aluminium shock downward $7, mixed news, the market at present is expected today Shanghai aluminum shock consolidation, spot aluminium or co. , LTD.

zinc prices essay: London zinc high and volatile, crude oil futures fell drag, Aaron zinc tail down eventually closed down $6, recent global macro partial positive boost the market risk preference, material today now zinc prices rose slightly.

: lead essay on Sunday to boost China's inflation data released by the China's central bank is expected to strengthen loose economic policy, London lead rose $6, or better, short-term price movements is expected today now lead prices rose slightly.

tin sn. Essay: a rising stock market support commodity market sentiment, London tin trend, short-term macro to extract solution effects of many factors on metal, tin today Shanghai continue strong, is expected to spot tin were up slightly.

nickel essay: Aaron nickel strong shocks in the evening, late closed up 1. 52%, the Philippines, new nickel policy to enhance the domestic shortage of nickel, nickel supported or were higher, is expected to nickel spot up today.
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