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June 7 CCMN net copper aluminum zinc lead tin nickel metal extraction solution early

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Late copper essay: $index edged up on copper, copper shock downward fell $7, yesterday's copper stocks soared to market outlook worries revived demand for copper, today in Shanghai or have pressure, material is copper fell slightly.

aluminium essay: the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected to cool to boost market sentiment, metal London aluminum rose $12, but a mixed economy, recent market lack of guidance, the Shanghai aluminum or continuation of weak turbulence, material is aluminum fell today.

: zinc prices essay yellen said the federal reserve raised interest rates may slow, London zinc were up 1. 55% to $2029 in nearly 11 months, zinc prices rise too much, market and high wait-and-see sentiment strong, short-term watch the callback.

lead essay: higher oil prices boost overnight commodity prices, Aaron lead rose above $12 but it's still under 1750 line, upward breakthrough pressure, short-term movements or remain range-bound, is expected to lead today is stabilizing.

tin sn. Essay: European and American stock market rebound boost market sentiment, London tin rose 2. 3% to three weeks, the refined tin exports fell by 22% in May, supported by a tightening supply side, this is tin or slightly up.

: nickel essay supported by the oil prices rose sharply, basic metal mostly higher overnight, Aaron nickel closed up $140, short-term market sentiment, the more the nickel in Shanghai is expected to continue strong, is expected to nickel spot up today.
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