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Laboratory centrifugal extraction machine extraction is the main Chinese medicine effective component separation

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
In the laboratory for traditional Chinese medicine effective components extraction separation has the following three ways. Single-stage extraction is also called intermittent extraction method. Usually with a 125 ml of 60 pear-shaped separatory funnel for extraction, extraction can balance within five minutes commonly, analysis more in this way. Multi-stage extraction is also called the cross-flow extraction. To fix water phase, with fresh organic phase of extraction for many times, improve the separation efficiency. Continuous extraction. Recycled solvent, and used for the distribution of the separation of components is higher than not. The extraction method is often used in the extraction of active ingredients in plants and studies the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine composition. Extraction time, typically ranging from 30 s to a few minutes.
extraction separation after stratified
extraction solution should be made after the quiet place for a few minutes, stratification, and separated the two phase. Note: at the junction of two phase, sometimes a layer of emulsion. Reason: because of the oscillation is too intense, or form a slightly soluble compounds in response. Elimination method: increase the extraction agent, electrolyte, change the solution acidity, oscillation is not too intense.
( 3)
the so-called washing washing is to assign smaller components from organic phase to remove other interference.
the washing method: the basic component of washing liquid with test liquid, but contains no sample. Will tell the organic facies of washing liquid oscillation together. Note: this method make the component under test has some losses, so is suitable for the components under test under the condition of the distribution of the larger, and general washing 1 - 2 times.
( 4) Stripping
back extraction: after damage is extraction content of hydrophobic, will be extraction from organic phase to water phase, and then were determined. The extract: acidity must ( Different from the original test solution) Aqueous solution, or join some other reagents. Improved the extraction separation selectivity.
if components are colored compounds by extraction, then you can take for spectrophotometric determination of organic fitting for, this method is called extraction photometric method. Extraction photometric method has high sensitivity and selectivity. Extraction separation equipment is simple, fast operation, especially the separation effect is good, so widely used.
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