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Laboratory centrifugal extraction machine of phenol wastewater treatment research

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
According to the current recycling and treatment technology of wastewater containing phenol and economic calculation results, the concentration is higher than 1, 000 mg/L high concentrations of phenol wastewater, taking centrifugal extraction machine, can yet be regarded as an economic and efficient processing method. Using the self-developed new extractant - H LE processing in the production of salicylic acid phenol content as high as 6, 000 a 12 OOOmg/L centrifugal wastewater, recovery of phenol sodium for salicylic acid production process, the extracting agent H LE recycled, has obtained the good effect. This study discusses the extraction agent H LE under various conditions on the distribution ratio, extraction rate, extraction rate.
machine centrifugal extraction solvent extraction method is the most critical part is the selection of extraction agent, the stand or fall of extraction solvent properties directly affect the extraction process of energy and material consumptions. Study of removing phenol extraction agent at home and abroad has a lot of, typical types of the extractant hydrocarbons, alcohols C, ethers, esters, ketones and complexation extraction agent. At present, more and more mature in industrial application of removing phenol extraction agent is mibk ( MIBK) And diisopropyl ether. Diisopropyl ether low boiling point solvent recovery of low energy consumption, the unit of phenol extraction effect is better, For phenol distribution coefficient is 36. 5, but its polyphenol extraction effect is very poor, For hydroquinone distribution coefficient is 1. 03, does not apply to high content of polyphenol in wastewater. MIBK to unit of phenol and polyphenol has higher distribution coefficient ( For phenol distribution coefficient for 100, for hydroquinone distribution coefficient is 9. 9, which are widely adopted by the factory.

the first evidence for the selection of extraction agent 'similar miscibility rule'. Yet such choice of extractant for the separation of organic dilute solution is often not ideal. For example: phenol and water is a polar material, so the distribution of coefficient of solvent for extraction agent, the solubility of the solvent in the water is big also, this will bring the larger in the process of solvent loss or increasing the residual liquid to take off the load of the solvent. Complexation extraction in the implement process, dilute solution for separation of solutes in contact with the extraction solvent phase containing complexing agent, complexing agent and to form a complex reaction, separation of solutes and transferred to the extraction phase. The second step is to reverse reaction, to recycle the solute, extraction solvent recycle. Industrial waste water containing phenol belong to the category of dilute solution, using complexation extraction method could not only in low phenol concentration area provide quite high distribution coefficient, and has a pretty good on phenol of heteropoly extraction ability.
in conclusion, on the implementation of wastewater containing phenol with reasonable choice when the centrifugal extraction method, compared with the traditional sense of the process approach, it covers an area of small, low cost and low consumption, elasticity of operation, and so on advantages, can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste water recycling, ensure the stable operation of the industrial production and the sustainable development, and phenol in waste water can be recycled up reasonable use, in a relatively comprehensive economic efficiency significantly.
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