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Laboratory centrifuge extraction of cadmium zinc in different system

by:Deyuan      2020-08-12
Laboratory centrifuge in different extracting cadmium zinc system out of a different order. In hydrochloric acid system, the use of phosphorus acid extraction agent, can priority extracted from zinc chloride solution of cadmium zinc. Isobutyl acetate also has the performance of the separation of zinc, cadmium, it of zinc chloride and sulfur cyanide extraction ability is stronger, and of cadmium chloride and sulfur cyanide extraction ability is very weak. In sulfuric acid system, alkyl phosphate can kind of extractant in - H2SO4 medium priority in extraction of zinc.
in the wet zinc smelting process, cadmium exists in the form of impurities in zinc sulfate solution. Cadmium zinc separation using priority extraction and enrichment of cadmium is more reasonable. In nitric acid system, when using a carboxylic acid extraction of zinc and copper, different structure of carboxylic acid extraction behavior is not the same.
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