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Laboratory centrifuge multi-stage countercurrent extraction

by:Deyuan      2020-08-12
Laboratory centrifuge multi-stage countercurrent extraction process is raw material liquid from the left to join, solvent from the right to join, two-phase countercurrent flow, a stepwise variation between two phase composition at all levels, in the operation of countercurrent extraction, from the left side of the thick product can be achieved with the concentration of feed solution to achieve balance. Compared with the multilevel cross-flow flow, reduced the dosage of solvent, the solvent in the solute concentration increased.
laboratory centrifuge multi-stage countercurrent extraction process, the components can be obtained by extraction of high extraction rate of extraction system in a greater difference between two or more partition coefficient components may also get a degree of separation. Laboratory centrifuge multi-stage countercurrent extraction can improve the production speed, increase the product yield.
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