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Laboratory centrifuge series

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
Extraction process in general is a multi-stage process, the use of a single single stage laboratory centrifuge, need according to the technological requirements to multiple devices together form a multi-stage extraction to complete. Laboratory centrifuge series way have cascade connection pipe, square groove type and common shell type to wait for a few kinds, my company is mainly interstage connection pipe.
laboratory centrifuge cascade connection pipe, besides, at the end of the first two levels, each level of light and heavy liquid two phase export respectively through their respective interstage connecting pipe flow into the adjacent laboratory centrifuge entrance of light and heavy phase. At the end of the first two levels of each one phase liquid left in series system, or into the storage tank, or make the next step processing, at the same time have another phase liquid into the system. The main advantage of this series is the shell manufacture simple, but for the micro and large laboratory centrifuge is not the best way of series.
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