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Laboratory extraction tank design principles

by:Deyuan      2020-09-12
Laboratory extraction tank produced the droplet size and distribution of mixing chamber is the main symbol, extracting the merits of the groove design of the shape of the mixing chamber are usually designed to square, square cross section of the mixing chamber than rectangular mixing evenly, blind Angle is small, can have a baffle, may also be without baffle. In order to reach the goal of a good mix, laboratory extraction tank design mixing chamber, and the size of the stirrer to have a reasonable proportion. When mixing chamber size must, under the condition of the same input power, the smaller the diameter of the mixer, the faster the speed, the more the input energy can be effectively utilized.
try to narrow the clear room area is an important symbol of the merits of the laboratory extraction tank design, clarify indoor barriers designed to move as much as possible, so that in the experiment can be adjusted along with the change of experimental conditions.
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