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Laboratory extraction tank internal structure

by:Deyuan      2020-09-13
Laboratory extraction tank look from the appearance is like a box, inside with a clapboard separates into a certain number of mixing and clarify the small room, the mixing chamber and clarify the room, and staggered arrangement.
laboratory extraction tank by using hydraulic balance in the internal structure, and with the help of the agitator suction effect, water level by the time to clarify chamber after heavy phase into the mixing chamber, and the organic phase by clarifying at the next higher level room since into the mixing chamber, in the mixing chamber, classics agitate the two-phase fully contact and mass transfer, and then enter the grade clear room for split phase.
laboratory extraction tank internal structure of the mixing chamber is usually cubes, the volume of the mixing chamber is decided by the retention period of material needed. At the side of the mixing chamber of water mouth, mouth to install the top of the baffle and mixed phase, in order to prevent the mixing phase from mixing chamber into settling chamber affect split-phase or may cause short circuit.
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