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Laboratory extraction tank mass transfer and phase splitting

by:Deyuan      2020-08-12
Laboratory extraction tank in the mixing chamber mixing, mass transfer process in general can be divided into two parts, part is the high shear zone near the impeller, the rest is another part of the mixing chamber of mild turbulence circulation area. In order to achieve good mixing and mass transfer, insist on agitator have enough intensity of two-phase mixing. Stirring intensity can accelerate the mass transfer, this is due to reduced the dispersed phase droplet size, but also to enhance the continuous phase perturbation. But stirring intensity is too large, mass transfer will have the opposite effect. Because with the increase of stirring intensity, dispersed droplet diameter smaller, finally just globular, at this time the inner loop of the droplets is restrained, the collision of droplets, the less chance to drop around the degree of turbulence in the liquid drops, it will lead to the decrease of the mass transfer coefficient. At the same time will also split phase difficult due to the dispersed phase droplet is too small, longer clarification time thus increased the clarify the size of the room.
in the lab so hybrid indoor can not only consider the extraction tank, to consider how to two phase separation.
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