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Lactic acid and pyruvic acid separation machine with centrifugal extraction effect analysis

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Pyruvic acid, also known as alpha Keto formic acid, propionic acid and acetyl groups is an important organic chemical intermediates, mainly used in medicine, pesticide and daily chemical industry. The current production of pyruvic acid methods mainly include chemical synthesis method, enzyme catalysis and biological fermentation. Chemical synthesis method of pyruvic acid production, the craft simple, the main method is domestic production of pyruvic acid, but the production of pyruvic acid chemical method for environmental pollution is more serious, equipment loss is big, and pyruvic acid product is racemic form, low substrate conversion rate, high production cost. Enzyme catalysis has the advantages of large, but quite difficult in terms of industrialization. Through a large number of experiments, the extraction separation, extraction, separation cost is greatly reduced, and high separation efficiency.

centrifugal extraction machine in the process of lactic acid and pyruvic acid separation, choose three octyl amine compound extraction solvent separation pyruvic acid - Lactic acid mixture, suitable for extraction process conditions of extracting agent and phase regulator quality ratio of 6:4, through multistage extraction and reverse extraction, separation effect is remarkable, comprehensive investment cost greatly reduced.

after chemical and biological catalytic conversion of lactic acid and pyruvic acid mixture and complexation extraction agent according to certain proportion distribution of injection machine, centrifugal extraction using the rotation of the drum, two phase solution to get sufficient mass transfer, mixing and mass transfer process. Blend of two phase fluid into the drum, the centrifugal force of a � � �, rapid separation, clarification of two phase fluid respectively through their weir plate into the collection chamber and the tube was closed to derivation, respectively, to complete the two phase separation process.

two phase liquid after extraction separation, extraction phase into the sewage treatment system, organic load phase add 2 times the volume of pure water, homogeneous mixing and heating extraction to 45 ℃, the organic phase and water phase separation, pyruvic acid and extracting agent isolated from pyruvic acid solution, and the extraction solvent can be recycled use again.

lactic acid and pyruvic acid separation process flow diagram:

extraction agent on the size of the target material pyruvic acid adsorption quantity and specificity is the main measure of extractant good or bad. Because pyruvate is much used in food, medicine and other industries, so the extracting agent need to select allows the use of chemicals in China. To extract performance is good, strong hydrophobicity, selectivity and solubility, good thermal stability as well as cheap as the principle to choose extraction agent.

related extraction equipment figure:

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