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LAN carbon phenolic wastewater recycling machine with centrifugal extraction process is introduced

by:Deyuan      2020-09-08
Charcoal is a kind of coal carbonization of the products, is a new type of carbon materials. At present, LAN charcoal industry has become a shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, xinjiang and other provinces and regions of the coal industry. But with the development of coal industry, the country each year a large number of coal waste water, waste water containing high COD, ammonia nitrogen, and volatile phenol, at the same time, the tar content in wastewater is high, for the coal production areas, especially the northwest regional environment bring great pressure of the water shortage. With the continuous improvement of environmental standards, LAN charcoal treatment of wastewater is imminent.

compared with coking wastewater treatment, the carbon wastewater treatment more difficult, and not directly to biochemical treatment, so the appropriate pretreatment is inevitable. At present LAN carbon wastewater treatment mainly using solvent extraction of centrifugal extraction machine, reduce COD, reuse and recycling of phenol, which can effectively deal with coal waste water.

carbon pollutants in wastewater composition is complicated, mainly divides into phenols, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic compounds, etc. The largest proportion of phenol, so, LAN charcoal wastewater belongs to typical high concentration phenol wastewater, therefore, for the carbon phenolic contaminants in wastewater recycling, can reduce the concentration of pollutants in wastewater, and can reduce the part of the waste water treatment cost.

solvent extraction method of removing phenol is the use of organic solvents in poorly soluble in water and the water solubility of the poor, the phenol from waste water extracted, into organic solvent, and water separation. Extractant can reverse extraction ( Alkaline cleaning) Recycling reusable or distillation method. Extraction method is mainly divided into physical extraction and complexation extraction. Physical extraction, the solution is based on the similar compatibility principle of phenol in certain solubility in organic solvents is greater than its solubility in water, as solvent, when in contact with fully mixing wastewater containing phenol wastewater of phenol was transferred to organic solvents, are extracted from the organic matter from wastewater. Extraction agent and carbon wastewater flow into the centrifugal extraction equipment, in the process of centrifuges at high speed, achieve rapid mixing and separation, after two-stage centrifugal extraction, phenolics into extraction agent, export flow, from organic phase of water after removing phenol from aqueous phase hole. Complexation extraction method is to use the complexation extraction agent and stay separation material form complex, and transferred to the extraction phase within reach the purpose of separation. Extraction method of removing phenol, simple operation, short reaction time, the recovery rate of phenol, extraction solvent can be recycled and reused, is widely used among fell-runners carbon in wastewater treatment.

blue carbon removing phenol wastewater process:

related extraction equipment figure:

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