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Late day review: focus on U. S. inflation data copper shock consolidation

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Copper market analysis, the international market a

evening CPI forthcoming U. S. inflation data, given the global economic downturn, the market generally expect the fed to raise interest rates under certain pressure, a weaker dollar index, today night key U. S. data before commodity market sentiment, copper performance shocks, as of 16:00 (Beijing time), the London metals ( LME) Copper latest offer $4780 rose $8.

2, domestic futures in Shanghai today around the average daily price swings up and down, the current month 1609 contracts opened 36980 high low settlement 37080 36980 37220, or 37160 yuan/ton, 10 yuan, rising up to 0. 03%; Positions, clinch a deal in Shanghai all contracts 319696 hand today, holdings reduce 4636 to 515764 hands. Main contract deal 212270 hands, holdings to reduce 2514 to 238790 hands. Investors focus on the evening of a forthcoming series of U. S. economic data, days after the market sentiment is still cautious.

3, the spot market, according to statistics show spot on August 16, 1 # copper to 37110 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 130 yuan/tons, 40 to 60 litres of premium; Shanghai spot 1 # electrolytic copper 37065 yuan/ton, down 105 yuan, smooth water copper clinch a deal the price down 37030 yuan 120 yuan, 37100 litres of copper price fell 110 yuan; Guangdong spot 1 # copper prices at 37020 yuan/ton, down 135 yuan. Huatong spot 1 # copper prices at 37135 yuan/ton, down 130 yuan/ton. Today's spot copper prices fell, the concerns of the poor prospects for continued demand for China, buyers wait-and-see is given priority to, small volume. Four, industry information

the international famous investment bank citigroup said in a report Tuesday, predicts 2020, the international copper market supply growth will be seriously lagged behind the demand. According to the report, by 2020, net of the world's copper supply will increase 1 million tons. , the report added copper supply problem of pessimism is only temporary.
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