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Lead futures prices are under pressure to have support to clinch a deal

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 International oil prices pulled low and the federal reserve has said that the monetary policy adjustment will be prudent steps and London lead shock stabilized closed flat, lead in domestic purchasing power is still insufficient, clinch a deal, expected today now lead prices or fall co. , LTD.

' Lead futures market 】 Lead to open in 1705 dollars/tons, Asian time by China's house prices stabilised, hot afternoon a-share shock slump, Aaron lead down to 1694 dollars/tons, Europe and the United States time Saudi oil workers went on strike, the low oil prices, Aaron lead shock up to 1735 dollars/tons to 20 daily average lines down for the cause, take back some gains closed at $1712 / ton, down 0. 5 dollars/tons, range 0. Increased by 03%, volume 3502, 651 hand, holdings of 136356 an increase of 2817 hands; Shanghai lead main 1606 contract to jump empty high open to open 20 daily average lines at the top of the 13300 yuan/ton, above the 40 - day moving average is still as strong resistance, eventually closed at 13305 yuan/ton, up to 25 yuan/ton, or 0. 19%, 254 to 15734 hand more holdings.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: lead the market temporarily supported pattern formed on the pressure, lead domestic purchasing power is still insufficient, purchaser on-demand purchase, clinch a deal, forecast the spot market today's lead price 50 yuan/tons.
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