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Lead ingot clinch a deal the weak spot market still lead price adjustment probability is higher

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
Abstract 】 OPEC meeting will reset the yield limit, boost London lead late closed up $16, days range consolidation, plentiful lead ingot market, buyers wait-and-see sentiment strong, is expected today now lead prices edged up

' Lead futures market 】 Aaron, lead to open in 1697. 5 dollars/tons, shocks all the way after opening downward, dip in 1662. 5 dollars/tons, night plate collective boom driven by the surrounding metal, lead price rebound quickly and reach $1712 / ton, eventually closed at $1708 / ton, up to 15. $5 / ton, or 0. 92%. Positions in terms of volume increase of 1726 to 4556 hand, 839 to 125790 hand more holdings. Shanghai main lead 1607 contracts in 12650 yuan/ton, near run after opening in 12685 yuan/ton, after prices rose rapidly driven higher in the surrounding metal, high 12820 yuan/ton, platform up to 12810 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 12815 yuan/ton, rose 105 yuan/ton, or 0. 83%. Positions, volume reduction of 2470 hands, 74 holdings reduce 212 to 14552 hands.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: Shanghai period lead recovered 5, 10 - day moving average, under pressure from above 20 daily average lines, lead ingot clinch a deal the weak spot market remains, in the short term Shanghai main lead to shock adjustment probability is higher, forecast the spot market today lead price 50 yuan/tons.
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