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Lead ingot market buyers chasing high prices will not strong lead or remain range-bound

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 $index fell below the key support level over the weekend, boosting metals prices rose broadly, Aaron lead rose $16 is still confined to 60 days pressure line, short-term or remain range-bound, material today now lead prices or fall co. , LTD.

' Lead futures market 】 Acquisition of lead last week to $1708 / ton, Asian time Aaron lead after the opening price centre of gravity is running at around $1700 / ton, Europe and the United States time by other metal increases boost Aaron lead high shock rise to 1740 dollars/tons, subject to the pressure line, 60 days of the high lead to rush back, eventually closed at $1721 / ton, up to 16. $5, or 0. 97%. Hand positions, volume 2922, 2071 / ton, 124625 an increase of 444 holdings. Shanghai main lead 1607 contracts in 12860 yuan/ton, price shock slump, after opening gave up early gains and low 12700 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 12770 yuan/ton, down 20 yuan/ton, or 0. 16%.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: short-term period lead remain range-bound, lead ingot market traders offer positive, lead quote price premium, downstream buyers chasing high intention is not strong, the overall deal with lighter, forecast the spot market today lead ingot prices rise and fall
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