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Lead ingot strong wait-and-see market price trend downward move

by:Deyuan      2020-12-25
【 Abstract 】 Lead to falling into the channel, and last week week fell $2 each lead, technical slightly weak, focus on 1700 points; Lead ingot market buyers fear fell on the sidelines, this material is now lead prices or went sideways

' Lead futures market 】 Acquisition of lead last week to $1716 / ton, Asian time Aaron lead around - day moving average concussion, slightly clinch a deal the scarce, Aaron lead during a rally in Europe and America, up to 1729 dollars/tons, thwarted by the pressure line, around the late back most of the gains, closed at $1711 / ton, down to 1. 5 dollars/tons, or 0. Decreased 09%, volume 3750, 1241, 123430 an increase of 1325 holdings, some investors at the bottom of the housing; Shanghai lead futures contracts 1607 low to 12885 yuan/ton, a slight rebound in early to 12925 yuan/ton, after cliff diving as low as 12780 yuan/tons, disk Shanghai lead futures trend is weak, the center of gravity down, closed at 12800 yuan/ton, down 160 yuan/ton.

( ) Spot price quotation today forecast: Shanghai period as lead weak Yu Lun movements, lead to test again previous lows, lead ingot spot market purchaser orders limited, fear fell strong emotions, clinch a deal the general market, forecasts the spot market today's lead price 100 yuan/tons.
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