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Lead prices rose sharply downstream light volume

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
Summary of the futures market.
today Aaron fell lead change. Opened at $1854, opening price, the highest prices, after opening after range, minimum $1836 / ton, near time small rebound in Asia, 15:00 in $1842, down $12, or 0. 68%. Shanghai main lead 1609 month closed up, opened in 13570, which ended in 13810 yuan, up 305 yuan, or 2. 26%, the lowest 13470 yuan today, up to 13830 yuan, increasing holdings 1632 to 2. 30000 hands. Spot market overview:

today Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center spot lead report in 13300 - in the morning Average price of 13550 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 195 yuan/ton. Today Shanghai chi macro lead 13450 - quotation 13550, constant, TongGuan quotation 13300 - bond 13420 yuan/ton, ShuiKouShan 13450 yuan/ton. Today traders normal quotation, but few scattered single clinch a deal.
【 Center point 】
today's domestic goods market separation, lead and other metals extraction solution from the early stage of the lead ingot well, form, today's prices, rose is more, but not durable, is expected to price may be high 14000 back, but other base metals decline began, may also to start to fall in price, demand is still weak as a whole. Supply and demand pattern of two light but good financing area, so the basic level. But the technology may go bad recently. Short-term goals 14000 yuan/ton.
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