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Lead review: Shanghai main lead continuous decline downstream market cautious

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Data downturn reduced the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected in the United States, dip rebounded overnight Aaron lead small rose $3, the recent domestic plate of continuous decline, the downstream wait-and-see sentiment strong, light volume, market today now lead prices dipped.

【 Lead futures market 】 London lead to open in 1919 dollars/tons, Asian time Aaron lead weight stability run in 1915 dollars/tons near a line; Europe and the United States lead time Aaron dip to intraday lows of 1893. 5 dollars/tons, after concussion uplink to touch more than $1926 / ton, late in 1920 dollars/tons of a line of consolidation, to close at 1921. 5 dollars/ton, up 2. $5, or 0. Decreased 13%, volume 3553, 297, 126845 an increase of 1361 holdings hands; Shanghai main lead 1610 contracts in 14140 yuan/ton, up to 14190 yuan/ton, the lowest 14045 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 14140 yuan/ton, down 65 yuan, or 0. Decreased 46%, volume 3774, 5740, 18594 holdings reduce 204 hands.

( ) Today's spot price quotation forecast: main lead recently Shanghai 1610 has continuous decline, night Shanghai lead low shock, short-term domestic lead or continuation of the weak, downstream buyers in the market purchase confidence, short-term maintain wait-and-see, more careful operation, the forecast today lead spot prices fell slightly.

lead city information: in recent years, due to lead the international market prices and the price of scrap lead-acid battery recycling secondary lead enterprise facing the situation of the production cost is high, the profit gradually compressed, the vast majority of secondary lead enterprise management difficulties. Lead serious resource regeneration rate is low, China accounted for less than 40% of the total lead, far less than 70% of the western developed countries. This has to do with our lead-acid battery recycling system is not sound, the problem such as flow disorder are closely related. So the ministry plans to the secondary lead industry standard conditions to support enterprise standardization, guide the secondary lead to the green industry development.
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