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Lead review: Shanghai rose underpowered now lead or lead to fall

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Last week, the stock market and the price of crude oil's rise boost some metals, lead up dip back $3, and the weak Chinese data, days after the Shanghai lead or continue to shock in 13800 yuan/ton, material now lead down today.

【 Lead futures market 】 Acquisition of lead to open in 1837 dollars/ton last week, Asian time lead to run in a near - day moving average, in the afternoon at slightly higher back; Europe and the United States time lead shock dip in a low $1810 / ton, center of gravity sideways after rising to touch more than 1845. 5 dollars/tons, fell back a bit late, eventually closed at $1837 / ton, up $3, or 0. 16%, volume 3970, an increase of 1129 hand holdings 123501 34 hand; Shanghai main lead 1609 contracts in 13745 yuan/ton, dish in Shanghai lead high, late confined in daily average line, up to 13865 yuan/ton, the lowest 13720 yuan/ton, eventually closed at 13755 yuan/ton, down 75 yuan, or 0. Decreased 54%, volume 986, 3758, 19662 holdings reduce 210 hands.

( ) Today's spot price market forecasts, dragged down by weak data in China, the main lead night Shanghai 1609 high, late back to low; Recent bad data, the global economic outlook is grim, the lack of support, Shanghai lead rose underpowered, days, or is given priority to with consolidation, forecast today lead spot prices fell.
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