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Lead review: the lower price or drag lead prices fell slightly

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
【 Abstract 】 Dragged down by lower oil prices, the overnight lead high back slightly closed down three dollars, and global manufacturing activity is slowing and inflation subdued showed sluggish economic growth, Shanghai lead or have dropped one of these days. This is lead prices dipped.

【 Lead futures market 】 London lead opened lower at $1814 / ton, Asian time shock in 1820 - Aaron lead Between $1830 / ton. Europe and the United States time lead concussion uplink rushed over 1843. Measure on 5 dollars/tons, 20, pressure line, dragged down by lower oil prices after Aaron lead gravity fall, late sideways at $1820 / ton, near a line to close at 1821. $5 dollars/ton, down 2 or 0. Decreased 11%, volume 2811, 740, 120315 an increase of 259 holdings hands; Shanghai lead 1609 contracts in 13945 yuan/ton, main dish in Shanghai lead upward to touch more than 14030 yuan/tons, after the shock down dip in 13890 yuan/ton, late remain low, eventually closed at 13895 yuan/ton, down to 55 yuan, or 0. Decreased 39%, volume 4380, 9638, 22024 holdings reduce 152 hands.

( ) Today's spot price market forecasts, dragged down by lower oil prices, night Shanghai main lead fell 1609 high to low consolidation; Macro, recent American economic growth, manufacturing activity is slowing, suppression of sentiment, investor sentiment, the downstream businesses maintain wait-and-see, forecast today lead spot prices fell slightly.
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