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Lead the city supply crunch continues its price or remain high

by:Deyuan      2020-12-23
The LME lead edged up last Friday. Opened at $1791, slightly higher after opening night late fall, closed in 1795. A $50, rose 9 yuan, or 0. 50%, volume 2367 hands.
Shanghai lead plate with rose main 1609 contract yesterday night. Opened in 13860 yuan, low drive 40 yuan, a short period of time after opening higher, basic near the average volatility at night, late again high, finally closed at 13945 yuan, the lowest 13860 yuan, up to 13960 yuan, the volume of 1972 hands.

Shanghai metal extraction solution trading center yesterday morning newspaper in 13750 - spot lead Average price of 13900 yuan, compared with the previous trading day up 35 yuan/ton. Yesterday, prices are still firm, sands, ShuiKouShan report to 100 yuan/ton, 1609 contract premium TongGuan, double yan of the warehouse receipt to 80 yuan/ton, 1608 contract premium mengzi to 1608 liters of 50 yuan/tons. Local supplies, no shipment of refinery, market remain bullish atmosphere, downstream just need less, more wait-and-see, clinch a deal.
【 Center point 】
overnight Shanghai metal full wave red, Shanghai lead oscillation is given priority to, all night long tail plate, eventually closed up 75 yuan, we believe that with the continued tightening the lead source and Shanghai zinc upward trend, lead short-term or remain high.
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