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Liquid-liquid extraction device/automatic jet extractor ( Quad)

by:Deyuan      2020-07-25

quadruple extractor is a kind of application of fully automatic jet in liquid in chemical laboratory Fluid extraction plant. In the laboratory, the liquid - Liquefaction learn extraction, generally USES the oscillation extraction or use the separatory funnel hand extraction, the two methods was bulky and extraction efficiency is low, artificial labor intensity, and organic solvents used in the extraction time will bring physical harm to the researchers. This product is a fully automatic way to work, by the extraction of bottles and air compressor of two parts. Its working principle is to use the pressure will be a combination of water and extraction agent and fierce collision, to achieve the goal of complete extraction. He completely replaces the artificial shaking, reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter, to avoid the direct contact with poisonous reagent, to protect the operator's health. At the same time, this product also greatly reduces the pollution to the environment, improve the extraction efficiency, make the analysis result is stable and reliable. The quadruple jet extractor. Can be extracted four samples at a time, four sets of extraction bottle, four sets of jet column: with gas regulator ( The flow is adjustable) With a timer ( Extraction time set arbitrary) 。 Can be widely used in surface water, industrial wastewater and domestic sewage of extraction. For example: water in oil, volatile phenol, anionic substances such as the extraction of work.
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