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Liquid-liquid extraction technology of semi industrial copper extraction/electric product

by:Deyuan      2020-09-04
Extraction/electric product recovery of copper is one of the traditional technology. Due to the chlorine in copper extraction solution, need to use the washing process from the load the entrainment of organic phase thoroughly remove chlorine.
copper extraction: CuS04 + 2 hr ( Organic) = CuR2 ( Organic) + - H2SO4
copper extraction: CuR2 ( Organic) +H2SO4=CuS04+2HR( Organic)
copper electric product: CuS04 + H20 = Cu + 02 ( Gas) + H2S04

half an industrial experiment, USES the level 3 continuous extraction of copper, washing, two stage extraction ( With lean electrolyte) from the electrolysis workshop 。 Evaluated the two kinds of extraction agent. A for the M5640 accounted for 35%, SX80CT is thinner, organic solution. Another for LIX973 accounted for 35%, SX80CT is thinner, the organic solution. Two kinds of extractant in middle plant operating performance is good. Containing Cu 17. 4 g of concentrate Cu extraction rate averaged 95% r. Extraction and electrolytic coppers kgo 68 A total of 2005 and A half years during the industrial test, the average current density + 270 A/m2. Analyses the composition of cathode copper, purity meet LME grade A standard. This product can pin
to sell directly to the customer. Table 4 summarizes the two cathode copper sample analysis results, taken from a half industrial test of the second cycle.

extraction residue and
before the recovery of nickel and drill must except Fe, AI to prevent product contamination. Iron oxide hydroxide precipitation process is relatively simple, in the distribution over extraction liquid to Ni, C. Recycling process or as a coolant before returning to high pressure leaching process, tuned over copper extraction liquid acidity with a lime. Ni,C。 Must first be neutralizing acid before recycling, the fluid of the autoclave to don't want there to be redundant acid, because excess acid will form in the autoclave body more alkaline type ferric sulfate.
oxygen or air bivalent iron oxidized to ferric iron, in order to neutralize and adjusting the pH. In addition to the temperature of the iron set to 0 c 60, pH value of 3. 0. In addition to iron after Fe content is less than 5 ml/L, Ni in precipitation loss in slag, C. Can be neglected.
in half an industrial test, get the same result, lime, is used to adjust pH of 4. 64. 7, the temperature is 65 ℃. The final Al content averaged 38 mg/L.
iron precipitation washing emmit into tailings. Al returns after the precipitation of thick iron removal process.
before the recovery of nickel, drill, zinc, with NaSH precipitation to remove residual copper. Return to autoclave copper sulfide precipitation after discharge of the gold and precious metals. Chemical reaction is simple:
CuSO4 + NaSH = CuS + 0. 5Na2SO4+0. 5 - h2so4
2005 and a half years industrial test, the solution to the copper content is less than 50 mg/L.
complex ore and concentrate wet process opens the possibility of using new and valuable metals in production. PLATSOLTM technology research and development are reviewed, the research in a process and integration of new science and technology can cause potential change. PLATSOLTM technology pioneered a new way of dealing with NorthMet PolyMet mine ore.
in the oxygen pressure leaching conditions to join a small amount of chlorine, but rarely can allow you to directly extract content value high Pt, Pd and Au. This novel process with existing Cu, Ni/C. And precious metals recycling method, the combination of evolution processing NorthMet ore new hydrometallurgical.

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